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DNC: The Diabolical National Communist, by Leona

White House Youth CorpsAs Americans, we believe that our rights to live freely will always remain intact because of the constitutional laws that founded this country. However, the very freedoms that were fought so hard to achieve are slowly and silently being taken away right out from under the American people. Perhaps the most disturbing factor in this stealthy operation, we’re allowing it to happen and are surprisingly doing it to ourselves. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” – Abraham Lincoln.

Like many young Americans that have reached voting age, I was not fully aware of the intricate details in political stances, whether it be Republican, Democrat or even the lesser mentioned third party affiliates. Until recently, I would have considered myself as one of the many sheep being herded blindly by our government. We are being forced into this defecated corner while our wool (money) is being harvested. Now cold and covered in our own crap, we get tagged for the deplorable basket and led off to slaughter.

It is incredible the volume of obvious crimes Secretary Hilary Clinton has committed that go unpunished and seemingly unnoticed in Washington. A recent video posted online by James O’Keefe of an undercover investigation proves the DNC pays out a lot of money to various people, including the mentally unstable and homeless, to incite riots at Trump rallies. Scott Foval, who put plan to action on the ground, explained to the reporter in detail how they accomplish massive voter fraud and have been doing it for decades. The undercover agent was further introduced to other operatives higher on the Clinton chain of command, who were described as diabolical and admired for it. They were just as eager to throw money at their plan to sway people’s opinions about the character of our possible future president. This is not anything new, just a game of analytics and propaganda to the socialist.

It can easily be argued that the media has been biased while covering the recent presidential campaign due to the amount of positive vs. negative filtering on each one of the candidates. Fox News appears to be the only network that will cover both nominees in a controversial light. But even some of their reporters have a problem staying the proper course to only inform the people and not persuade.

The coverage of presidential nominee Donald Trump’s absurd indignities was not nearly as compelling as what was revealed about Secretary Clinton. However, the damning information revealed in correspondence with her political affiliations seem to be less of a focus. The Clintons have been part of their own political foundation for a long time and only benefit more if they achieve the thrown in which they have created within the United States. Evidence already shows that Hilary Clinton holds no issue to being a hypocrite because she admits to having both a public and a private opinion. Telling someone only what they want to hear but doing what you want instead is no doubt the way of someone who is two-faced.

The release of documents show that lots of money has been given to Clinton and her foundation by Wall Street’s business interests for her to give private speeches that tell these powerful companies what they want to hear to make them all richer off the American people. Hilary Clinton is quick to back peddle and shift focus when questioned about the conflicting messages on policy that she holds in front of Americans verses what she tells her campaign donors. Any attorney that holds truth to their law degree would advocate that Clinton’s conduct goes against the most basic rule of law, conflict of interests. However, Secretary Clinton laughs in the face of those who want her to release transcripts of the paid speeches and throws the question in the pile with all the other evidence she destroys or refuses to produce. Yet again, the America people are left with ongoing deceitful rhetoric diversion tactics and no real answers.

As a candidate for president, there are specific ways to talk to the public. Secretary Clinton has been a career politician for three decades and knows how to address the audience platform by speaking on what she knows voters want to hear. Unfortunately, her Republican opponent is not as articulate and ends up leaving the people questioning everything about our election process entirely. It might not be farfetched to consider that the political elite have planned this barrage of idiocracy for a long time and Donald Trump was an easy target.

Bottom line is that Secretary Clinton is a proven liar and a corrupt politician. She has been in cohorts with some of the most immoral and unethical people who send her millions of dollars to gain special access. She is a sellout against America’s future interests by giving the paying hate groups what they want. It is a sad state of affairs when anyone who has their hand deep in local and foreign pockets goes unaffected by what they have done in both their private and public stances.

Secretary Clinton talks a good game but her actions speak volumes in comparison. The American people should be deafened by the overwhelming amount of proof that has come to light. Clinton has done an excellent job of deflecting her behavior onto her opponent Donald Trump by pointing her finger as if she were a toddler on the playground. In regards to the any correspondence that was hacked or leaked, she would rather publicize serious accusations on Russia’s Vladimir Putin in order to draw attention away from the fact that the DNC plays theatrics with Americans like stupid puppets in a marionette show.

Watching the final presidential debate last night worried me extensively. Secretary Clinton’s loose lips will sink ship by when she starts a war with Russia over horrendous allegations against our people while Donald Trump continues to be the missing link with his incoherent business talk. The proof behind the DNC operatives quests too constantly bash anyone that does not agree with their campaign, point fingers and pay for campaign interference shows that they are attempting to rig the system in their favor. They know what they are doing is wrong and illegal but the Democratic approach, which was stated on tape numerous times, is “Don’s ask for permission but beg for forgiveness”.

Our country is being invaded by the scariest of people and Clinton’s campaign wants to allow millions to flood our nation. Criminals and terrorist are being given a key to our back door and are laughing at us while they kill our families through drugs or violent attacks. Why would our government allow so many people to come to this country all at once and take precedence over our own people that have been waiting in the line for years? Control the vote and you will control the population, which is exactly what our current President and the Clintons have been working towards all their lives by tossing up citizenships and giving them an election ballot as the quid pro quo.

In conclusion, the presidential election has become a complete joke and resembles more of circus act then representation of the direction our country should be moving towards. In order to solve this issue we must stand together as born and raised Americans to fight for what founded this country. There is nothing wrong with people from other countries wanting to become citizens, but they need stay at the back of the line while we take care of our own livelihood first.

There needs to be full disclosure on every side of political affiliations before you can be considered to hold a political office and continue throughout the term. Checks and balances need to stay in place to hold anyone suspected of corruption accountable if private investigations provide evidence of crimes that have been committed, especially treasonous acts against our country.

As far as voter fraud is concerned, steps should be implemented for every legitimate voter to verify their citizenship and eligibility to vote. This could be sorted through a black box data system compiled with facial recognitions and fingerprints that would make it impossible for duplicate votes or the use of deceased patrons’ stolen information. As an American with a right to vote on my next president, I take pride in the fact that I have to prove my identity because it lessens the chance that I will be a victim without at least knowing it. If anyone objects to prove who they are to vote – even though it is the law to show identification to get on an airplane, achieve a passport or during common encounters with police officers – then they should not be allowed to cast a ballot. No individual should be able to weigh in on the control of a country if they have a problem proving their exclusive membership to the club.






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A friend sent this message to a person that asked a pointed question in response to a posting that they might be terminated on Facebook for not furnishing an ID to verify who they were and where they could be found with links. Their account was an alias nickname, and the post contained no trace of an opinion on the situation. If this person had bothered to look they might have found that the person was on the internet as themselves in many places already. I can only assume they were not internet savvy enough to do a simple search.

The question was:   “WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?”

Anyone that knows anything about the internet would have no problem finding out who I am. I have been on the internet for over ten years.  My personal information is surely on there somewhere, how could you hide that?  So basically nothing is really hidden at all. Anyone that ever bought anything from me knows who I am AND my address and email address.  (NOTE: I furnish that as a matter of course) The government knows who I am.  They have my social security number. Here’s my email address: (NOTE EMAIL OMITTED, but they did actually furnish it)

But I have a definite problem with some private organization having my personal information on their computer to UN-securely lose or post without my permission. I do not post my name or address on the internet, nor do I put my picture on the internet.  If you have seen the number of hackers and criminals and people from foreign countries that prey on defenceless people then you understand.  I am not defenceless, but I do not wish to make things easy for any underhanded people to come to my home and upset my life, online or in real life.  It’s one thing to voluntarily give someone your personal information. But to just had it willy nilly to every stranger that shows up on the internet is not something I wish to do.

So, if you want to know what motivated me in the first place to do as I do, then that is the answer.  I am not HIDING from anyone. I am in fact not really hidden at all.  I am avoiding needless complications. Now, if I had the money to pay a security company to protect me then I could afford a whole lot of other things, including putting all my personal information online. Including inviting every tom, dick and harry to come visit me on my front porch. I don’t wish to offend anyone, but if you buy something from me you’ll know my entire name and address. And you might find that I’m a (age omitted) year old grandmother just trying to sell my possessions.  And, I might add, all my posessions are in my home. Ask me why I don’t just invite everyone in the world to come over and have a party.

AND I have had ample experience with these additional categories:

Having my “alias” and that corresponding email being used to take out accounts in that name and getting emails in that inbox informing me that I have to verify that account.

Or getting bills to my alias for which there naturally is no way to pay for them.

Or getting emails of the same ilk to my website which bill me for things I never charged or bought.

Or having my alias used to get traffic to some Russian or French, or German website by hijacking it into their own website code.

Or having my graphics that I designed myself, and for which I own the legal copyright hijacked to another website by having them linked to directly and fed from my website.

Directly linking for your information costs me money that I do not have.

AND I will add that I have lived where a business was located next door to a residence, and seen people knock on the door at 2am to get a part, climb a privacy fence to get attention for what they wanted repeatedly.  So I know well how a business or anything else can be used to invade someones privacy null and void. Imagine your children in the backyard behind a privacy fence and some YAY-HOO pops his head up over the fence to ask for a part, and on a weekend no less when the closed signs are evident on the business door.

Just remember, if that had not been an alias, if it had been my real name and address, I might be in the hole for something for which I never did in the first place.  I might owe money when I never bought anything.  And I might easily have been one of those statistics of people that have had their identity stolen and their lives ruined.

When all those emails go to an alias account I can for sure identify where and what.  I can pinpoint that it was not directed at me personally.

Any other way would be extremely stupid.  And if anyone thinks you can deterr or fight criminals by acting like a nice wind blows through your brain person that’s open about every single thing they are and own, then you are delusional. Or a criminal trying to make others think you a righteous sounding person.

Your question was “WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?” I say that you are first stating that I am hiding.  You are making assumptions based on whatever you like.  You are the one that is saying that I’m HIDING.  You don’t know me well enough to assume I’m anything at all.  I might be a 9 year old amusing myself with old farts. I might be anything at all, but you make an assumption.  In fact, you make a statement about a person you know nothing about. And I say I’m not hiding me or anything from the people that like and care about me.  And for sure I’m not hiding anything that can reasonably already be found on the internet or from a database. But the focus is now on this imaginary person that is “HIDING”.

Why do you want to know the answer to that question?
Is it because you care about and like me?
Is it because you are intrigued and wish to know me better?
Is it because you are suspicious?
Is it because you are on a crusade?
Is it because you are spiteful?
Is it because you are a stalker?
Is it because you have time on your hands and nothing else to do with it?
Is it because you’re from the government?
Who are you?
Where do YOU live?
What’s your phone number?
What is YOUR email?


I have always felt that someone that points a direct question like that at someone elses private life without knowing them or meeting them makes me think that you have a lot more to hide than I might.

This isn’t communist country.
I don’t have to verify everything I am or who I am
to every stranger that requests it.

So check your own closet.

They want my money


I didn’t know this stuff, but I want to know

I keep getting unsolicited emails from people running for president.  They ask for money.  Sometimes they get mean and take me to task because I haven’t already GIVEN them money.  How unfair.  I don’t have any money.  But they just keep on asking, and every time they ask it just reminds me that I don’t HAVE any.  Well, here are my repleys to all of that.  I drafted a template to send back to their automated emails and am faithfully sending it each time I get a request for MONEY.

This is why I cannot send you money for your campaign for the presidency

    My microwave burnt up
    my oven doesn’t work
    my lawn mower won’t run
    I cut my grass with a weed eater, and my wrist is injured from it.
    my truck is broken and won’t run
    my washing machine won’t spin and the part costs 75.00
    my spouse is disabled
    the squirrels ate up my garden
    the price of groceries went sky high
    everything is going to crap
    all my water lines froze this winter, I had to haul water from the pool to take a bath

I did manage to pay my property tax to the city and county, my federal income tax, my state income tax.  Now that I don’t have any money, at least I don’t have to worry about the IRS coming after me for money I don’t have.  But NOW I have to worry about my electricity being turned off.  Don’t have to worry about the water being turned off because it froze and I can’t use it.  But because the city, the county, the state, the IRS, and the federal government has all of MY money, I have to worry about how I’m going to pay these bills.  BUT even though everybody else has free insurance, free food I still pay $300.00 a month on health insurance so someone else out there can get free insurance that doesn’t deserve it.




And here are some of the previous ones I’ve sent . . .

 Yah know, I know that I’m on some kind of Conservative list, and that’s great as far as lists go.  I believe in all that stuff, and that’s even better.  And I know all about form mail, and automatic mailers, and all of that.  And I understand that there is not a REAL person on the end of that mailer that would give me a real answer.  Please correct me if I’m wrong though.  It would be a revelation.

But even though I’m all that and am going to vote conservative.  I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT DON’T HAVE ANY FREEKING MONEY.  (yes, I WAS yelling this, LOUDLY)  AND every time you send and email asking me for MONEY, it reminds me that I don’t HAVE ANY MONEY, because THE GOVERNMENT HAS IT ALL.

And I can tell you that will make me yell really loud.

Now do something about it, and stop asking me for something I don’t have.  Your emails were only informative whenever I DIDN’T know you were running for office.  After the first email I KNEW YOU WERE RUNNING.  Get it?
More emails asking for money do not equal more money from ME anyway.


So . . . IF you are going to send me an email of any kind, please be sure that it is an informative one, and NOT 50 emails asking me for money.  Make sure they are informative so that I know something I didn’t know previously to the PREVIOUS email I got from you, you know, the one that . . .


NOTE:  I lived in a neighborhood that was very peaceful.  Older residents, beautiful trees, nice neighbors.  Until a bunch of drug dealers moved into a house across the street.  I’ll be damned if the traffic on the street didn’t start to resemble a McDonalds drive through with all the drug trafficking, the parties, the yelling.

They would sit in their front yard like Gargoyles and watch you in your front yard.  They would observe when you left to go shopping and wait till you left to invade your yard and steal stuff.  I put up a privacy fence to block even looking at them.  I wore dark sunglasses so that I could avoid eye contact so that I wouldn’t provoke them.

Finally one day we went to a Neighborhood Watch meeting sponsored by the local police.  I told them that these guys were smoking dope right on the sidewalk.  He questioned me and wanted to know how I KNEW they were smoking dope.  He told me that I couldn’t prove it, and he could not harass them.  Okay, what did he want me to do?  HIS JOB?

It took the police THREE YEARS to arrest these jokers.

NOW I was under the impression that idiot in the white house was going stop doing all the illegal things that he continues to do whenever the Republicans became a majority in the Congress.  I have been watching the news for over 5 years.  And during that time I have watched everything go to hell in a handbasket.  So when are you going to stop this?  When we are already a country where everyone from a foreign country runs America?

Get a bug in your ass and earn your money.  Americans are tired of all this crap.  At least the truly American Americans are.
As it is now, I vote, and then wait for nothing to happen.  But I still vote, so stop harassing me about money I don’t have.  And we’ve waited way more than three years.  I think that by the time this one quits I’ll probably be dead from old age.


And for one of those that actually sent me a text message on my phone asking for money . . .

Listen, I we were checking my spouses phone the other day.  (The one we ONLY use to communicate with each other) and found a text message from you guys.  At least it was from somebody that was campaigning for Cruz.
I like Cruz.  I might even vote for him.  BUT, how did you get our phone number?

I consider that rather intrusive, and suspiciously like the NSA knowing all your stuff.  AND, in the vein of “tranparency”, you might like to inform me of how that “getting of my phone number” came about, huh?
Maybe you might just let me know how that works?  Huh?  If you don’t tell me, I might consider you to be
very UN-transparent.  Especially since this is a normally private phone number only used for my significant other or for using my card.

Let me know please.  I don’t like this stuff.


And all they could send me back in repley to my letters was a canned robotic message letting me know how I could visit the white house, etc, etc. . .

I am forlorned

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